After working on two vertical illustrations of Singapore late last year I became intrigued by the idea of creating a vertical drawing of London.

The layout of the Thames seemed to suggest a composition, so I started with the shape of the river and built the drawing outwards. Here’s my initial sketch:

Deciding on the landmarks to be included was interesting and sometimes challenging. The hardest aspect in some areas was deciding what to leave out. The Knightsbridge and Westminster sections were especially rich with interesting architecture and locations so in these I either chose my favourite sites or used whichever building fitted the composition best.


As with any city drawing, I discovered a huge number of fascinating places I had previously been unaware of. Possibly my favourite discovery wasA�Durning Library at 167 Kennington Lane, seen in detail here:

I’m never able to draw London without being amazed at how the history of the city is mapped across the layout of the architecture. This drawing attempts to show how each part of the city has a different character and how rich and fascinating London is. I’m not convinced I succeeded but it was an enjoyable project nonetheless.

I’m considering Paris, Rome, New York or Copenhagen as the next Vertical City so do let me know in the comments if you have any favourites.