Sketch of Rome

Rome pencil sketch

Pencil sketch of Rome. I’ve been meaning to explore the layout of this city for a long time as one of my favourite university lectures focused on the relationship between the design of the architecture and it’s relationship with the buildings surrounding it.

As I’ve recently been rereading John Fowles’ 1965 novel, The Magus, it was interesting to look at an Italian cityscape. The book is largely set on a Greek island and Fowles makes a number of interesting observations about Greece and the Greek people which A�- after several years of living in Greek Cyprus – really stood out for me as being anA�extremely acuteA�assessment ofA�the Greek character and landscape. Cyprus isA�a distinctA�country with aA�unique, idiosyncratic culture, but there is still an enduring Greek influence to be foundA�here, an influence which is a significant part of the more endearing characteristics of the Cypriot people and society.

From the fictional island of Phraxos, The MagusA�briefly moves to Italy and a fascinating comparison drawn between the two countries, a comparison especially interestingA�because of the close historical relationship between these two great ancient empires of the classical world. It’s an aspect of the book that has been on my mindA�for a while and so it made this sketch all the more intriguing to work on.

I’m still not entirely sure what my feelings are about this section of the novel, so I may work on a series of drawings of the real life locations in the story to help illustrate my thoughts a little better; as the island of Phraxos is reportedly based on the very real island of Spetses, this should be an enjoyable endeavor at the very least. Whether it will beA�enlightening in any way at all remains to be seen….