Project Sketches

For the last two years my husband and I have been working on a building project in one of the villages near Paphos. The project will ultimately become a family home and so weA�are aimingA�toA�create a space that will be both functional and beautiful. One of the most important considerations for us was how to create an outdoor space that would be comfortable to inhabit during the summer. Mu husband came up with an L-shaped design for the main part of the building which would form the start of the courtyard. The building is currently under construcrtion so I made a sketch of the space and started to add some of the elements we are hoping to incorporate into the basic structure, such as the arches and the wall in the courtyard.


I then developed the sketch a little to add more detail to the building – stonework and window styles – and started to imagine some of the planting scheme we are hoping to use. The aim of this sketch is to show how the trees and plants will create shaded areas and dappled light which should provideA�shelter from the sun.

Many of the trees in the garden are behind my viewpoint so are indicated by the shadows they cast over the scene.


Next stage is to ink and add colour to this piece. I am documenting the progress of this drawing – and others – on my instagram page, along with updates to the house itself, so do follow if you are interested in seeing more.