For the first part of this post please take a look here.

The aim of this drawing was to show how the layout of the property and the planting of the courtyard garden would provide shelter from the sun during the hot weather while still letting in enough light to create an attractive environment. I developed the pencil draft to indicate the areas of light and shade:

With the final artworkA�the intentionA�was to show the areas of light and shade as having equal importance to the structure of the building. So in the line draft A�I treated these areas in the same way as I did the architectural features:

For the colour, I tried to keep it fairly simple for now and concentrated on balancing the light and dark areas. Colour was a combination of ink and photoshop. Here’s a few stages of the colour development:

And here’s the final piece.

Although I’m fairly happy with how this piece turned out, I will have to rework it fairly soon as some of the structural elements need changing to match our updated plans. In that respect, this has been a useful exercise; it turned out that my husband and I had visualised a few areas in very different ways and this drawing has helped clarify things.

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