Panoramic Sketchbook

The Moleskine Japanese notebook is a dream sketchbook to a panorama obsessed artist such as myself. I’ve had a couple of these books before, but this is the first one I started with a few rules about the direction is should take. I decided to work purely in pencil, no ink or colour of any kind, to draw different areas of the landscape in Paphos and nothing else, and to continue each drawing from the same height as the previous page. At the same time I decided to not work too literally, so although the local landscape should be the starting point for each drawing, the sketches should be free to develop in any way I fancied.


Here’s the first page, showing a view of Konia, in Paphos:


pg 1


And here’s the second page, showing Lara Bay:


pg 2


And here’s the first two pages folded out together:


pg 1 and 2