Old City walk Jodhpur

Last year I worked on a project to illustrate a map of Jodhpur, the second largest city in the state of Rajasthan, India. You can see the completed map below:



The map project involved making a number of illustrations of notable places in the Jodhpur area, many of which were exceptionally beautiful and very intriguing. I usually finish a map like this with long list of areas I’d like to draw again or look at in more detail;A�when the illustrations need to be reproduced at a smaller size – as in this map – it is better to limit the detail and keep the drawings relatively simple, otherwise they look too dark and complicated on the page. So when I drew the Old City Walk area of Jodhpur for this map, I kept the detail to a minimum and produced a relatively simple sketch:


which was then coloured and placed on the map. You can see here that the level of detail is appropriate for the size and scale of the overall piece. Another reason for keeping the line detail spare is that the client wished the illustrations to be coloured and so there was less need to use the linework to add depth than there usually is in my black and white pieces.




I always wanted to draw the City Walk in more detail, however. There were some interesting angles in the arrangement of the buildings and contrasts between the textures in the brickworkA�which I thought would be interesting to explore in a line drawing, so I decided to take the original piece and work into it a bit more; I’m relatively pleased with how it came out:




The next step with this drawing might be to colour it in more detail, possibly with a watercolour wash. Throughout my commissioned work, I often learn of beautiful and intriguing places which I’d like to draw again and soA�it was great to revisit the City Walk and think about the area in more depth, especially because it differs so much to many of the cities I usually illustrate.