London Panoramic Drawing

Back in 2014 I worked on this London panoramic drawing highlighting the Principal Tower building (seen just right of St Paul’s cathedral). The illustration was created in pen and ink and fitted across a double page spread in a brochure, which can be seen here.

Art Direction was by Identity Design.


Panoramic drawings which need to focus on specific areas of the city often need to be created at quite a large scale in order to represent the crucial buildings clearly. This piece was drawn across 2 sheets of A2 paper which were then stitched together in photoshop to compose the final piece. Here’s aA�couple of the preparatory sketches which I made when composing the drawing.



The initial sketch (above) is quite sparse and aims to map out the layout of the piece and to see how everything fits into the available space. Once the client is happy, I then refine the sketch some more and add detail to give a clearer idea of how the final artwork will look.