I entered this piece for the AOI and London Transport Museum illustration competition. The theme this year was London Stories and after I had managed to stop thinking about Dickens and Sherlock it struck me that this was an excellent chance to look into the history of Old London Bridge. As with almost everything in London, this turned out to be an even more fascinating place than I had realised, with stories dating back 1014 and the attack on the bridge by Olaf II of Norway.

I used a number of different drawings of the various incarnations of the bridge over the years and focused on King Canute’s defence of the structure against the Viking invasion as well as the Great Fire of London and the suggestion of Eleanor of Provence as potentially being the mysterious ‘Fair Lady’ of the song. The design went its own way but I’m quite pleased with the result.

Pen and ink, felt pen and fineliner on paper, 2018.