French Landmarks

Towards the end of last year I was commissioned to draw twelve French architectural landmarks. This was a fascinating project to work on because it involved researching some buildings that I hadn’t previously encountered and showed me just how varied french architecture can be.

From left to right, the image below shows La Tour St. Jacques, Alsace Cathedral, the July Column, St. Denis and the Eiffel Tower:

From left to right this image shows Buzine Chateau, Chateau d’Azay and the Church of Bonaventure:


And from left to right, the final image showsA�Voix du Nord, Les Invalides, Chateau Cheverny and Notre Dame:

I had to research all the images and discovered many more beautiful french buildings so it may be that a map of French architecture is a side project I start working on this year.A�It would be interesting to map out the buildings along with the dates they were constructed in as well as to explore some of the landmarks outside of Paris.


Further examples of my architectural illustrations can be found in this gallery