Edinburgh Skyline

I’m not sure why, but I really wanted to have an image of the Edinburgh skyline to post on New Year’s Eve. This drawing shows a view of the city from Calton HillA�and will hopefully be part of a series of drawings I make of the beautiful capital city of Scotland.

edinburgh skyline

I have another work in progress of Edinburgh which was started earlier this year and shows a different view of the city:


One of the most fascinating things about working on cityscape and illustrated map projects is that you start to build up an impression of the layout of a city and it’s a wonderful way to travel vicariously. I noticed this last year when I started working on a series of illustrated travel guides and it’s probably the aspect of my job I like the most.

Other cities I’m hoping to explore a little more in the coming year include Oslo, Stockholm, Geneva and Bucharest. In the new year, I’m aiming to learn a little more about each place I draw; I’ve been lucky to have some fascinating commissions in recent years and have been given some unique insights into a number of countries and cities by clients from these areas. It would be great to be able to use this blog as a means of sharing some of these details.

For now, Happy New Year! 🙂