Summer Sketches

I usually manage to sketch outdoors a bit more frequently in summer.

Most of the sketches tend to be done fairly quickly – almost all of these were drawn with my baby in a sling in front of me so were somewhat impaired by some well-aimed kicks to the torso – but I did manage to produce a few slightly more detailed pieces – here’s three stages of one drawing which shows the view from my flat first thing in the morning:

This is probably my favourite sketch from the last few months – this was drawn with biro and it was fun to try something a little new with the colours. It’s not a new view – I’ve sketched this street rather a lot over the last few years, but it gets across the beautiful morning light a little more satisfactorily than previous efforts:

British GQ Cover Wrap

A few weeks ago I worked on this cityscape which was commissioned as a cover wrap for the December issue of British GQ. The drawing shows an imaginary cityscape dotted with landmarks from a number of locations featured in the issue. The drawing was reproduced in white on black.

Vertical Sketches

Each time I start work on a vertical drawing I have a terrifying moment halfway through when it feels as though the piece will never be resolved to any satisfactory degree.

The recent vertical pieces I made of Singapore were especially tricky as there needed to be some sense of geographical order to the design. After a great deal of erasing, the sketches stared to come together.

The Dawn Herald

Fantasy Illustrated Map for the novel The Dawn Herald.

Panoramic Drawing of Piccadilly Circus in London

Panoramic Drawing of Piccadilly Circus in London.

Commissioned for the JNA website.

Montreal Cityscape

This was a privately commissioned pen and ink drawing showing a specific aerial view of Montreal.

Montreal Cityscape


Line drawing in pen and ink of the city of Detroit.

This is one of those places that – when you say you are drawing it – people make a face and ask ‘why?’ but it’s these cities that are often the most interesting to draw; I’ve always been interested in Detroit and I enjoyed working on this image. I used a slightly more fish eye view for this than in some of my previous work and I like how it turned out.

Aerial views are always an intriguing view of a city – there’s a lot of fun things to be found on the tops of buildings, aerials, water tanks, air-conditioning units and busy areas like Detroit often have some of the best roof tops. Hopefully this is an enjoyable view of the city:

Cape Town

Drawing of seafront area of Cape Town, showing Table Mountain in the background.

Here’s the pencil draft for this drawing.

Laser Cut Copper Map of Singapore

Hand drawn maps of Singapore which were designed to be laser cut and mounted as part of an interior design scheme.


This commission also included the watercolour map of Singapore which I posted a while back:

Project Sketches II

For the first part of this post please take a look here.

The aim of this drawing was to show how the layout of the property and the planting of the courtyard garden would provide shelter from the sun during the hot weather while still letting in enough light to create an attractive environment. I developed the pencil draft to indicate the areas of light and shade:

With the final artworkA�the intentionA�was to show the areas of light and shade as having equal importance to the structure of the building. So in the line draft A�I treated these areas in the same way as I did the architectural features:

For the colour, I tried to keep it fairly simple for now and concentrated on balancing the light and dark areas. Colour was a combination of ink and photoshop. Here’s a few stages of the colour development:

And here’s the final piece.

Although I’m fairly happy with how this piece turned out, I will have to rework it fairly soon as some of the structural elements need changing to match our updated plans. In that respect, this has been a useful exercise; it turned out that my husband and I had visualised a few areas in very different ways and this drawing has helped clarify things.

Updates on this project can be found on my instagram pageA�so do follow if you would like to see more.

Map of Nassau

A few weeks ago I was commissioned by Future Publishing to create an illustrated map of Nassau and the surrounding area, for their Book of Pirates. This was a huge amount of fun to work on, not least becauseA�it provided a superb excuse to watch Black Sails while I worked.

Here’s the final map:

As with all my work, I started with a sketch draft, which I’ve included below because it’s nice to see the initial stages of a piece – especially when – as in this case – I coloured it in photoshop:

line drawings tokyo

Tokyo & European Landmarks

Two commissions forA�the New York Times, one featuring a variety of landmarks from Europe and another showing five key features in Tokyo

Project Sketches

For the last two years my husband and I have been working on a building project in one of the villages near Paphos. The project will ultimately become a family home and so weA�are aimingA�toA�create a space that will be both functional and beautiful. One of the most important considerations for us was how to create an outdoor space that would be comfortable to inhabit during the summer. Mu husband came up with an L-shaped design for the main part of the building which would form the start of the courtyard. The building is currently under construcrtion so I made a sketch of the space and started to add some of the elements we are hoping to incorporate into the basic structure, such as the arches and the wall in the courtyard.


I then developed the sketch a little to add more detail to the building - stonework and window styles - and started to imagine some of the planting scheme we are hoping to use. The aim of this sketch is to show how the trees and plants will create shaded areas and dappled light which should provideA�shelter from the sun.

Many of the trees in the garden are behind my viewpoint so are indicated by the shadows they cast over the scene.


Next stage is to ink and add colour to this piece. I am documenting the progress of this drawing - and others - on my instagram page, along with updates to the house itself, so do follow if you are interested in seeing more.

Pencil Sketches of Copenhagen

Studies for a forthcoming panoramic cityscape. The drawing is composed of four separate sections which are combined in photoshop to create a wider panoramic image. The final artwork will be finished in ink and scanned as a high resolution line drawing.

Section 1:

Section 2:

Section 3:

Section 4:

Sections 1 & 2 combined:

Sections 1, 2 & 3 combined:

Sections 1, 2, 3 & 4 combined:


My current city obsession is Copenhagen. I've been interested in drawing it for a while as the cityscape contains a lot of architectural styles that appeal to me. Here's the first drawing:

I considered tacklingA�several different views of the city before deciding on this one; I liked the way theA�Slotsholmen canal opens up the scene and the way the skyline is dominated by the Christiansborg Palace on the left hand side. I left the building shapes between the key areas fairly simple to help draw the eye toA�the more intricate areas but I think the next piece of Copenhagen will probably bring the rooftop shapes further into the foreground as they are one of the more charming aspects to the city.


Aerial Drawing of Prague

I always love drawing Prague as it has some fascinating architecture, not least the very distinctive Church of Our Lady before TA?n, which dominates this view of the city. In the background can be seen the Prague Castle complex, which contains another impressive piece of Gothic architecture, St Vitus Cathedral.


Cyprus Marathon Map

The Cyprus Marathon takes place this Sunday (5th March) and features one of the most beautiful routes any marathon can offer, starting at Aphrodite's Rock - the birthplace of the goddess - and finishing at Paphos Castle in the harbour, one of my favourite places in Cyprus.

Sadly I wasn't able to compete this year so instead I spent my time completing the route by drawing this illustrated map of the Marathon course, which is currently on sale at the Marathon Expo in Paphos.


The map shows several of the areas you run past during the full marathon, as well as a few of the geographical features of the area. It's a fun and exceptionally friendly event and I would recommend it to any long distance runner; they also have half marathon and 10km events and March is the perfect time of year to be running in Cyprus.

Vertical Worlds

Last year I worked on this colouring book for Abrams; it was a challenging but very enjoyable project which gave me the chance to create someA�intricate and fantastical drawings which were a nice change from my more conventional perspective based work.


Below are some sample pages from the book which can be found via my Amazon page.

Multi-city Panoramic Illustration

This drawing was a commission from a couple of years ago; a multi-city panoramic drawing which was used as a mural installation in a corporate office space. the fuull drawing can be seen below, but due to the large width of the piece I posted a few sections from the drawing individually so the cities are more clearly visible.

Hong Kong:





All the artwork associated with this composition belongs to myself and the client so please do not copy the images from this post. If you would like to use a drawing of one of the cities mentioned in the post then please email me at to see what work I currently have available for usage.

Aldgate Panoramic and Line Drawings

Last year I worked on a few illustrations for Cre8te Design, one of which was this panorama of the Aldgate area in London:


Below is the first sketch I made for this piece:


And here is the initial line draft which was edited somewhat to highlight the most significant buildings in the area:



I also worked on a series of line drawings for Cre8te, including the images in the gallery below:




Illustration of Hull for The Planner

At the end of last year I worked on an illustration of Hull for the January edition of 'The Planner' magazine. The drawing accompanied a piece on Hull's redevelopment and featured a number of areas of Hull which are being regenerated as it becomes the UK City of Culture for 2017:

Below is the line draft, which was also featured in the article:

It was interesting for me to see how the area was being developed because Paphos - the city I live in - is currently the European City of Culture for 2017 and has been undergoing huge improvements as a consequence. The changes in Hull look equally exciting and it was a good chance to look at a city I previously knew relatively little about.

French Landmarks

Towards the end of last year I was commissioned to draw twelve French architectural landmarks. This was a fascinating project to work on because it involved researching some buildings that I hadn't previously encountered and showed me just how varied french architecture can be.

From left to right, the image below shows La Tour St. Jacques, Alsace Cathedral, the July Column, St. Denis and the Eiffel Tower:

From left to right this image shows Buzine Chateau, Chateau d'Azay and the Church of Bonaventure:


And from left to right, the final image showsA�Voix du Nord, Les Invalides, Chateau Cheverny and Notre Dame:

I had to research all the images and discovered many more beautiful french buildings so it may be that a map of French architecture is a side project I start working on this year.A�It would be interesting to map out the buildings along with the dates they were constructed in as well as to explore some of the landmarks outside of Paris.


Further examples of my architectural illustrations can be found in this gallery

Hong Kong, San Francisco and Amsterdam

Here's a few pencil sketches I made last year during the course of a couple of commissions. Not all of these drafts made it into the final compositions. It's interesting to see how different the architecture is in each drawing; due to the scale of the building sizes, each city works best from a different viewpoint.

Hong Kong, for example, looks most interesting when viewed from across the water at a slight distance:

Amsterdam is also seen from the water, but with a closer view to show the features of the much smaller buildings in more detail:

And San Francisco is most intriguing with a slight aerial view, this way we can see the layout of the city, the bridge in the background and the contrast between the different building sizes:


During the summer in Cyprus it is too hot to go for a walk after around 8AM so I started taking pre-sunrise walks through Tremithousa, a neighbouring village to the one I currently live in.

In the village centre, there is a small roundabout and I made this sketch from there. The aim was to get some of the interesting light as the sun came up and to catch the way it bounces off the various buildings on the nearby streets. this has always struck me as the most intriguing aspect of a sunrise or a sunset, the way the light rapidly changes and alters the appearance of our surroundings.



Pentalia is a village in Cyprus, near to the area where we're currently building a house, so we visited it a couple of weekends ago to get some ideas about stonework, windows and doorways. Travelling the island for inspiration has become something of a part time hobby for our family and it has led to us discovering some intriguing villages.

Old Pentalia has a number of buildings that structurally are not in great shape due to the type of stone in the areaA�(I believe the chalk content is quite high) and although this is problematic from an engineering point of view, it does mean that a number of the streets are rather charming in appearance; slightly run down streets are always something I like to draw so I started working on another biro drawing after photographing the area:


The aim with these biro drawings is really to try and get across some of the amazing light and shade you see in Cyprus.A�It s one thing I always like about photographing the streets in the villages, the way that the light and shade defines the structures and enhancesA�interesting shapes in the streets and buildings.


As with the drawing of Saranta Kolones, about halfway through, this image started to take on a positive/negative space impression. This wasn't something I wanted to do entirely throughoutA�either sketch as the shapes of the rocks and stones in the buildings was of as much interest to me as the balance between light and shade, but I think the white space in each drawing is a good way to get across the strength of the Cypriot sunlight on a building; it bleaches all the details out and gives photos and drawings a very beautiful graphic quality that I wanted very much to get across.