Illustrated Maps of Paphos District

These illustrated Maps of Paphos District were commissioned as part of an advertising campaign to show areas of interest across paphos district and within the town centre.

Illustrated Map of Lockdown Walks

Illustrated Map site They Draw and Travel held a call for illustrators to draw maps of their experiences during the recent quarantine/lockdown situations so I decided to make a piece based on the walks I took with my oldest child during the lockdown in Paphos. With most of the tourist areas and beaches closed and a restriction on travel, we were only able to exercise outside within a limited distance from our home. As a consequence, we discovered some beautiful areas close to our flat that we  previously had no idea existed.

Illustrated Map of Ancient Rome

Created for a private commission this aerial drawing showing ancient Rome was one of my favourite illustrated maps to research.

Pen and ink and watercolour on paper, 2018

Illustrated Map of Muscat and the Sultanate of Oman

Illustrated tourist map of the Sultanate of Oman.

Pen and ink and graphic marker on paper, 2013.


To commission a similar map, please contact for further details

Aerial Landscape Illustrations

Selection of aerial landscape illustrations.

Illustrated Map of Pekan

Illustrated Map of Pekan for the Prime Minister of Malaysia


Watercolour and pen and ink on paper, 2013

Illustrated Map of Suffolk Villages

For this project I drew eleven villages in the Suffolk area of the UK, which were composed together to form a wider map of the area. Villages included Campsea Ashe, Rendlesham, Eyke and Orford, amongst others.


The maps were hand drawn and coloured in photoshop before being edited together. the individual villages can be seen below.

Art direction by Propeller Design

Illustrated Map of Paris for Vogue

I created this illustrated map of Paris to accompany the Like a Local feature over on the Vogue website. The map features some of Chloe Malle's favourite places, many of which I was previously unaware of. never having actually visited Paris myself


Abi Daker Paris Map

Historical/Reference Book Maps

Illustrated maps for a the ‘Where Is’ series of children’s books published by Grosset & Dunlap in the USA.

Watercolour and ink on paper, 2012-

Egypt and Nassau maps were commissioned for All About History Magazine.

Sydney Panoramic Drawing

Panoramic line drawing of Sydney,


Pen and ink on paper, 2019

Illustrated map of Merrieweathers Estates

Illustrated map of Merrieweathers Estates.


Pen and ink on paper, 2018.

Illustration for Property Advert

Illustration for Property Advert showing the Tian area of Hong Kong and a number of features of the area.

Berlin, Paris and London Aerial Drawings

Three illustrations created for Arax Properties showing aerial views of London, Berlin and Paris. Each illustration covers a wide area of the city and shows the main landmarks as well as some of the areas in between.

To purchase or to commission similar please contact


All illustrations drawn using pen and ink on paper, 2019.

Wildlife Maps

Wildlife maps featuring a variety of spot illustrations.

Most of these pieces were commissioned by All About Animals magazine and show the migration of a specific species throughout an area.

As well as these drawings, I was commissioned to create a series of wildlife illustrations to be placed on the world map i created for the magazine – these are in the gallery below;

illustrated retail map

Ocean Springs Retail Map

illustrated retail map

Ocean Springs Retail Map was hand drawn and coloured in photoshop and produced for Tour View Maps.

The map shows an aerial view of the Ocean Springs area in Jackson, Mississippi with the focus being the main retail area.

The Makers, Shoreditch

Illustrations for the Makers book.

Garden and panoramic line drawings of London real estate locations,


Pen and ink on paper, 2019

Illustrated Map of Halifax

Illustrated map of Halifax for Calderdale brochure, showing highlighted areas of investment as well as the layout of the town and location of amenities.

Hand drawn aerial illustration showing a bird’s eye view of the area.

Pen and ink on paper, 2019.

Coloured using photoshop.

Sketched drafts below:

Illustrated City Maps

Series of illustrated city maps commissioned for a travel publication.

Hand drawn pen and ink illustrations on painted map bases, edited in photoshop, 2019

Illustrated Map of European Travel Routes

Abstract map showing European travel routes.

Created for a Digital Arts tutorial, around 2014

Laser Cut Copper Map of Singapore

Hand drawn maps of Singapore which were designed to be laser cut and mounted as part of an interior design scheme.


This commission also included the watercolour map of Singapore which I posted a while back:

Watercolour Illustrated Maps

Portfolio of illustrated maps hand coloured using watercolour and ink. Watercolour is an ideal medium for illustrated maps and works well combined with line and ink markers.


For commissioning/purchasing queries, please email

For further examples of this style please see the page of Where Is illustrated maps

Bird's Eye View Map of London


Part Three.


Pen and ink on paper, 2018-2019.

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