Paphos Street Drawing

Constantinou Kanari

Paphos Street Drawing

Constantinou Kanari Street in Pano Paphos, showing a view of the Moutallos Mosque.


Pen and ink on paper, 2019.

Oxford Drawings

Line Drawings of Oxford showing both the skyline and a detailed drawing of the Radcliffe Camera. The skyline is available to buy from my shop now.

City Drawings

New line drawings of Florence and Singapore – available in my shop for a few weeks


New monoprints on sale in my shop at the moment

Aberdeen & Manhattan

New drawings showing Aberdeen, London and Manhattan, available from my shop


Line drawing of Berlin,

Pen and ink on paper, 2019


Street in Montmartre.

Promarker and felt tip on paper, 2019


Line drawing of Seville, Spain.


Pena and ink on paper, 2019


Part Three.


Pen and ink on paper, 2018-2019.

previous stages below

Basel Minster

Various drawings of Basel Minster.

Pen and ink, promarker on paper,


The Strand, London

Part One.

Pen and ink on paper, 2018

Dubai Marina

Illustration of Dubai Marina, commission for wallpaper.

Pen and ink on paper, 2018

Manhattan Panorama

Three versions.

Pen and ink on paper, 2018

Manhattan in Colour

Tried something with marker pen and a bit of line; it was interesting but think it might be most effective to work on a black and white draft of the buildings and build colour from there.

Pen and ink and promarker on paper, 2018

Here’s some drafts using pencil crayon. They were interesting but less satisfying than I had hoped:

And some extended versions of the ink drawing can be found here

London Skyline Monoprint

Pen and ink architectural drawings laid over hand drawn monoprint of London skyline.




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Cyprus Rooftops

Three sketchbook drawings I made this morning. The first two are from the back balcony, looking out over Paphos, the third from the side, looking back into the village.

San Miguel de Allende

Every so often a city from a commission will captivate you and for me, last year, it was the rooftops of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico that I found especially delightful; the rooftop terraces are colourful and covered in potted plants and the buildings look cheerful and intriguing whether monied or not.

First image below shows San Miguel de Allende, the rest show various stages of the rooftop panorama.


Drawings of rooftops. Barcelona and Jerusalem.

Pencil crayon on paper, 2018

Architectural Drawings

A selection of architectural line drawings from various places around the world. To commission similar, contact me on