London Sketches

Pencil sketches of London for various projects I worked on last year:

shard sketch

Trafalgar Sketch

piccadilly eros

Millennium Dome2

london panorama

bank of England Sketch 2

Sketches for the Folklore Map of Sussex

Pencil Sketches for the illustrated map of Sussex Folklore I made last year. The first sketch shows the basic layout:

illustrated map sketch 1


Here's a draft with the various features added. The map has a number of illustrations throughout it showing various folklore characters from the Sussex area in the area they are associated with. Sussex has a fascinating history of Folklore and having lived in Brighton for a while, I found this a very interesting project to research. A few of my favourite tales included St Leonard's dragon, The Chanctonbury Ring, Mad Jack Fuller and Dame Prettylegs:

illustrated map sketch


And here's the final artwork:

folklore map sussex


You can see the final map on the website of the University of Chichester, who commissioned the piece

Pencil sketch of the Ponte Vecchio, Florence

Pencil drawing of the Medieval bridge in Florence, Italy.

Ponte Vecchio


I've drawn this bridge before but I don't feel as though I've ever really captured just how lively and interesting a space it is. I'll keep working on the pencil draft for a bit and see where this takes me.

Singapore Panoramic Sketch

I first drew Singapore back in 2012 when I was initially commissioned by Gatehouse publishing to work on their series of (superb) travel guides. The first guide was focused on Singapore and as I researched the city I was fascinated by what a unique place it was. I planned then to draw a panoramic of it, but it's taken a while to get started. Here's the first sketch:


London Sketches

Over the past year I've worked on a number of London skylines and panoramas. Naturally the sketch stage for these pieces is fairly extensive. The sketches below are all first drafts - at this point we are establishing the composition of the piece and showing the client where each of the key landmarks will be placed. After this stage, the client usually makes a number of suggestions for alterations and the sketch is reworked in greater detail.

sketch sketch compressed sketch extended sketchlondon panorama2

Panoramic Sketchbook II

This is the third page of my panoramic sketchbook - go here for my previous post on the first two pages.


This page shows a view of the village of Mesogi in Paphos:


pg 3

And here are the first three pages together:

pg 1 and 2 and 3

Panoramic Sketchbook

The Moleskine Japanese notebook is a dream sketchbook to a panorama obsessed artist such as myself. I've had a couple of these books before, but this is the first one I started with a few rules about the direction is should take. I decided to work purely in pencil, no ink or colour of any kind, to draw different areas of the landscape in Paphos and nothing else, and to continue each drawing from the same height as the previous page. At the same time I decided to not work too literally, so although the local landscape should be the starting point for each drawing, the sketches should be free to develop in any way I fancied.


Here's the first page, showing a view of Konia, in Paphos:


pg 1


And here's the second page, showing Lara Bay:


pg 2


And here's the first two pages folded out together:


pg 1 and 2