Panoramic Sketchbook II

This is the third page of my panoramic sketchbook - go here for my previous post on the first two pages.


This page shows a view of the village of Mesogi in Paphos:


pg 3

And here are the first three pages together:

pg 1 and 2 and 3

Panoramic Sketchbook

The Moleskine Japanese notebook is a dream sketchbook to a panorama obsessed artist such as myself. I've had a couple of these books before, but this is the first one I started with a few rules about the direction is should take. I decided to work purely in pencil, no ink or colour of any kind, to draw different areas of the landscape in Paphos and nothing else, and to continue each drawing from the same height as the previous page. At the same time I decided to not work too literally, so although the local landscape should be the starting point for each drawing, the sketches should be free to develop in any way I fancied.


Here's the first page, showing a view of Konia, in Paphos:


pg 1


And here's the second page, showing Lara Bay:


pg 2


And here's the first two pages folded out together:


pg 1 and 2

World of Animals

World of Animals is a new publication by Imagine Publishing and I was commissioned to draw illustrated maps forA�the first few issues:

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Here's a work in progress - a drawing of the Bavarian townA�Neuschwanstein CastleA�which was also featured in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; the architecture from this part of Europe is just stunning and it's likely I'll be drawing it again some day.


With this piece I'm trying to make the shading a little more dense than usual. I'm posting this mid-stage because there's a chance it might become overworked.. we'll see how it goes..


Rothenburg ob der Tauber


The Midlands

I actually lived in the Midlands for years. My family moved to Staffordshire when I was four, so I was pretty much in between the two cities shown below. Both Birmingham and Manchester are littered with fascinating buildings and intriguing areas and they are both excellent places to go shopping; I think both these drawings represent some of the charms of each area.

birmingham line drawing manchester cityscape

Bird's Eye view of Brighton

Here's a drawing from the archives - a bird's eye view of Brighton. I actually lived in Brighton for about a year and it's a fabulous place which we were sad to leave.


Pencil Drafts

Here’s a selection of sketches and pencil drafts I found during a routine trawl through my hard drive.


It’s always interesting to take a look at these; everything I do starts with a pencil sketch and it’s definitely the most exciting part of any commission. Sketches are probably the closest representation of my personal interpretation on a subject; as much of my work today is commissioned, many of the changes that take place after this stage are client led. Maybe this is part of the reason why many people find sketchbook work so intriguing.

Mural for Get Well Network

Last year I worked on a great commission to create a mural for the Get Well Network in Bethesda, Maryland. The illustration I produced shows how the various aspects of a community link together and was installed in their new offices towards the end of last year. The slideshow above shows the whole mural and a few close-ups. FINAL3 This was an especially interesting commission a it gave me a chance to look at the structure and layout of a town and how the different area work together. You can find out more about the Get Well Network here


Drawing for Women's Health Magazine

For the January 2014 issue of Women's Health Magazine, I was commissioned to work on a drawing of London, to help illustrate an article about the nuances of the contemporary dating scene:

SandL New Hook Up (1)

Here's the original drawing..

final pen colour 6

Sketches for the Illustrated Maps of Paphos

A few years ago I worked on a series of illustrated maps showing the Paphos district and detailed sections of the local villages and town centre. The finished artwork has been posted on this blog for a while now, but having recently stumbled upon a few of the sketches and drafts for the piece, I thought they might make interesting viewing.

Here's part of the initial pencil sketch:

illustrated maps

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Edinburgh Skyline

I'm not sure why, but I really wanted to have an image of the Edinburgh skyline to post on New Year's Eve. This drawing shows a view of the city from Calton HillA�Read more

Cambridge Circus

Cambridge Circus is a former roundabout and now an intersection where Shaftesbury Avenue and Charing Cross Road meet. It is roughly halfway between Tottenham Court Road tube station and Leicester Square. This building a�� which sits on the junction across the road from the Palace theatre a�� is thought by literary scholar David Monaghan to be the site for the headquarters of John Le Carrea��s fictionalised British Intelligence service, known in his novels as the a�?Circusa��.

cam circus

Neuschwanstein Castle

neuschwanstein castle

Neuschwanstein Castle (Schloss Neuschwanstein) is a 19th Century Romanesque Revival Palace in Southwest Bavaria, Germany. It is situated on a hill above the village of Hohenschwangau near the town of FA?ssen and has a fascinating association with a number of films, most notably featuring in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and serving as the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland.

Panorama of Palermo

This are the sketches for a panoramic drawing of Palermo I completed earlier this year.

And here’s the final artwork:

Notting Hill and Kensington

Architecture from the Notting Hill and Kensington areas of London which were drawn as part of an ongoing map project:

Trafalgar Square at Christmas

Line drawing showingA�Trafalgar Square at Christmas:

Fragrance Garden

Line drawings for Jo Malone Fragrance Garden in New York.

The Hunt - Singapore

Earlier this year I started working with Gatehouse publishing on some cover illustrations for a series of travel books – The Hunt Guides.

The first project was Singapore and you can see a picture of the cover as well as the complete wrap around illustration below:

The book is a great guide to Singapore, which – after working on this project – is a city I am determined to visit. You can see more about the guide hereA�- I really do recommend it!

Cross section cityscape Illustrations

Earlier this year I was commissioned by the brilliant production company IceniA�to create some cross section cityscape illustrations for a website they were creating for Bechtel; We Build Rail. The illustrations show some of Bechtel’s worldwide rail projects and were animated by Iceni.

Here’s the illustrations – to see the animated versions, go toA�

Art direction & animation by Iceni.
Please don’t reproduce these without permission.

Bird's Eye View Maps of London

Earlier this year, I was commissioned by Larkspur Consulting to draw some bird's eye view illustrated maps for Kay & Co's new office interior. Here's the map of Marylebone:

marylebone copy

hyde park

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Illustrated Map of Paris for Vogue

I created this illustrated map of Paris to accompany the Like a Local feature over on the Vogue website. The map features some of Chloe Malle's favourite places, many of which I was previously unaware of. never having actually visited Paris myself


Abi Daker Paris Map

Commission for the Bank of China

Last year, I was commissioned to draw this large scale panoramic scene, based around a famous Chinese scroll painting. The image was interlaced with my Trafalgar Square panorama and adapted by EDGE Architecture to fit in with their designs for the Bank of China’s new Visa Application Centre in the City of London.

China panoramic

Before starting work on the final illustration, I drew a smaller version to demonstrate how the traditional style of the silk painting could be adapted to match the linear style of the London panoramic:

It is always interesting to work on a panoramic drawing after spending several months on illustrated maps; the two types of work are very different, but compliment each other rather well. This was an especially interesting commission and you can see the completed design on the EDGE Architecture website here.

Illustrated Aerial Map of Manhattan

Illustrated Aerial Map of Manhattan commissioned by Russell Design for the Grand Central Partnership Annual Report earlier this year. The map was hand-drawn in pen and ink:

Tokyo Landmarks for the New York Times

Tokyo Landmarks for the New York Times.

I made five drawings of notable landmarks in the Japanese capital of Tokyo to accompany this rather interesting article:
line drawings tokyo

Cityscape line drawing of Prague


Pen and ink drawing showing a view of Prague from the Church of Our Lady before TA?n:

Cityscape line drawing of Prague