Hong Kong, San Francisco and Amsterdam

Here's a few pencil sketches I made last year during the course of a couple of commissions. Not all of these drafts made it into the final compositions. It's interesting to see how different the architecture is in each drawing; due to the scale of the building sizes, each city works best from a different viewpoint.

Hong Kong, for example, looks most interesting when viewed from across the water at a slight distance:

Amsterdam is also seen from the water, but with a closer view to show the features of the much smaller buildings in more detail:

And San Francisco is most intriguing with a slight aerial view, this way we can see the layout of the city, the bridge in the background and the contrast between the different building sizes:


During the summer in Cyprus it is too hot to go for a walk after around 8AM so I started taking pre-sunrise walks through Tremithousa, a neighbouring village to the one I currently live in.

In the village centre, there is a small roundabout and I made this sketch from there. The aim was to get some of the interesting light as the sun came up and to catch the way it bounces off the various buildings on the nearby streets. this has always struck me as the most intriguing aspect of a sunrise or a sunset, the way the light rapidly changes and alters the appearance of our surroundings.



Pentalia is a village in Cyprus, near to the area where we're currently building a house, so we visited it a couple of weekends ago to get some ideas about stonework, windows and doorways. Travelling the island for inspiration has become something of a part time hobby for our family and it has led to us discovering some intriguing villages.

Old Pentalia has a number of buildings that structurally are not in great shape due to the type of stone in the areaA�(I believe the chalk content is quite high) and although this is problematic from an engineering point of view, it does mean that a number of the streets are rather charming in appearance; slightly run down streets are always something I like to draw so I started working on another biro drawing after photographing the area:


The aim with these biro drawings is really to try and get across some of the amazing light and shade you see in Cyprus.A�It s one thing I always like about photographing the streets in the villages, the way that the light and shade defines the structures and enhancesA�interesting shapes in the streets and buildings.


As with the drawing of Saranta Kolones, about halfway through, this image started to take on a positive/negative space impression. This wasn't something I wanted to do entirely throughoutA�either sketch as the shapes of the rocks and stones in the buildings was of as much interest to me as the balance between light and shade, but I think the white space in each drawing is a good way to get across the strength of the Cypriot sunlight on a building; it bleaches all the details out and gives photos and drawings a very beautiful graphic quality that I wanted very much to get across.

London Panoramic Drawing

Back in 2014 I worked on this London panoramic drawing highlighting the Principal Tower building (seen just right of St Paul's cathedral). The illustration was created in pen and ink and fitted across a double page spread in a brochure, which can be seen here.

Art Direction was by Identity Design.


Panoramic drawings which need to focus on specific areas of the city often need to be created at quite a large scale in order to represent the crucial buildings clearly. This piece was drawn across 2 sheets of A2 paper which were then stitched together in photoshop to compose the final piece. Here's aA�couple of the preparatory sketches which I made when composing the drawing.



The initial sketch (above) is quite sparse and aims to map out the layout of the piece and to see how everything fits into the available space. Once the client is happy, I then refine the sketch some more and add detail to give a clearer idea of how the final artwork will look.


Longest Dot to Dots

Over the past year, I worked on a series of Dot to Dot books for adults, featuring 3000 piece dot to dot panoramic drawings of various cities around the world.

The first dot to dot book featured London and was soon followed by New York, Paris and Australia:


Here's my drawing of the completed London panorama:



And here's a look at how the completed New York drawing looks:


London dots


It was tremendous fun to work on theseA�books and to create some different kinds of panoramas. Each dot to dot drawing is completed as a single line image which is challenging to work on at such a large scale but immensely satisfying.


TheA�Longest Dot to Dot books were commissioned by Octopus PublishingA�and can be found via my Amazon author page.

Saranta Kolones

One of my favourite places in Paphos is the Archaeological Park near the harbour area and the ruined Medieval fortress Saranta Kolones (Forty Columns Castle) is one of the most intriguing structures in the area. I've drawn it a few times in the past and it's an interesting subject to work on. For this piece, I thought it might be a good way to try a slightly different approach to drawing, so I worked on a sketch with a blue biro pen:


I used to draw a lot in biro but as most of my commissions now are for pen and ink drawings it has been a while since I used this medium. I'd forgotten how good it is to draw with and how easy it is to get more depth into an image as - unlike with black ink - you can vary the darkness of the line and add shaded areas of different depths very easily. I'm hoping to manage a few more of these over the next few weeks - quite apart from anything else - it makes a nice change to be drawing places in my local area; Cyprus has some beautiful ruins, architecture and villages and it would be good to explore some of these a little more.

Old City walk Jodhpur

Last year I worked on a project to illustrate a map of Jodhpur, the second largest city in the state of Rajasthan, India. You can see the completed map below:



The map project involved making a number of illustrations of notable places in the Jodhpur area, many of which were exceptionally beautiful and very intriguing. I usually finish a map like this with long list of areas I'd like to draw again or look at in more detail;A�when the illustrations need to be reproduced at a smaller size - as in this map - it is better to limit the detail and keep the drawings relatively simple, otherwise they look too dark and complicated on the page. So when I drew the Old City Walk area of Jodhpur for this map, I kept the detail to a minimum and produced a relatively simple sketch:


which was then coloured and placed on the map. You can see here that the level of detail is appropriate for the size and scale of the overall piece. Another reason for keeping the line detail spare is that the client wished the illustrations to be coloured and so there was less need to use the linework to add depth than there usually is in my black and white pieces.




I always wanted to draw the City Walk in more detail, however. There were some interesting angles in the arrangement of the buildings and contrasts between the textures in the brickworkA�which I thought would be interesting to explore in a line drawing, so I decided to take the original piece and work into it a bit more; I'm relatively pleased with how it came out:




The next step with this drawing might be to colour it in more detail, possibly with a watercolour wash. Throughout my commissioned work, I often learn of beautiful and intriguing places which I'd like to draw again and soA�it was great to revisit the City Walk and think about the area in more depth, especially because it differs so much to many of the cities I usually illustrate.


This September, I was asked by CX Partners to draw an illustrated cityscape of Bristol for their new office spaces, incorporating some of the distinctive characteristics of the area into the image. I’ve not previously had much opportunity to to draw Bristol but I’ve visited the city a few times and so this was a fantastic commission. The biggest challenge was probably whittling down the list of areas to include, but we did manage to get Isambard Kingdom Brunel in there – see if you can spot him.


Commission from 2015 showing Pershing Square and the variety of businesses and features of this area of New York city.

Drawing was composed of a series of pen and ink drawings which were collaged together using photoshop.


The finished piece is above and below is my sketch for the drawing.


London Sketches

Pencil sketches of London for various projects I worked on last year:

shard sketch

Trafalgar Sketch

piccadilly eros

Millennium Dome2

london panorama

bank of England Sketch 2


Line drawing of Nicosia, Cyprus.

Pen and ink on paper, 2016.


I may work on this some more - it could perhaps use more detail in places. The main difference between this and other line drawings on my website is that I used a dip pen to draw it with instead of a rotring technical pen. I quite like the slight variations in line width that you get with a dip pen and the quality of line can be beautiful so I may use it for some commissions in the future.

Landmarks of the World

Last year I was contacted by Modern Books about the possibility of working on an adult colouring in book with them. The subject matter was to be architectural and the focus would be on famous landmarks from around the world.


Architectural landmarks are by far my favourite thing to draw so this project was a fantastic one to work on especially as the book was to include some of the most beautiful and intriguingA�buildings from around the world. I've drawn many of these landmarks before but each image in the book wasA�drawn just for this project.


Here's a few photos of the interior spreads from the book:


Tower Bridge in London, England:
Landmarks of the World architectural illustration 2


Title page, showing Fallingwater in Pennsylvania and the US Capitol in Washington DC on the right hand side:
Landmarks of the World architectural illustration


Great Synagogue in Budapest, Hungary:
Landmarks of the World architectural illustration3


Prague Orloj in the Czech Republic:
Landmarks of the World architectural illustration4


Blue Mosque, Afghanistan:

Landmarks of the World architectural illustration6


You can purchase Landmarks of the World on AmazonA�and I hope it is as much fun to colour in as it was to draw.

Architectural Drawings

Architectural Illustration for Crea8te Design.

Pen and ink on paper, 2015weighhouse street

duke street

arch sketch lowres

arch sketch lowres 2

Pencil Sketch of the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai

The Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, China is one of the most iconic buildings on the Shanghai skyline. Here’s a couple of pencil sketches of it:

Shanghai tower

Oriental Pearl Tower Shanghai

Sketches for the Folklore Map of Sussex

Pencil Sketches for the illustrated map of Sussex Folklore I made last year. The first sketch shows the basic layout:

illustrated map sketch 1


Here's a draft with the various features added. The map has a number of illustrations throughout it showing various folklore charactersA�from the Sussex area in the area they are associated with. Sussex has a fascinating history of Folklore and having lived in Brighton for a while, I found this a very interesting project to research. A few of my favourite tales included St Leonard's dragon, The Chanctonbury Ring, Mad Jack Fuller and Dame Prettylegs:

illustrated map sketch


And here's the final artwork:

folklore map sussex


You can see the final map on the website of the University of Chichester, who commissioned the piece

Pencil sketch of the Ponte Vecchio, Florence

Pencil drawing of the Medieval bridge in Florence, Italy.

Ponte Vecchio


I've drawn this bridge before but I don't feel as though I've ever really captured just how lively and interesting a space it is. I'll keep working on the pencil draft for a bit and see where this takes me.

Line Drawing of Greenwich


Line Drawing of Greenwich,
Pen and ink on Paper, 2015.

This was a private commissionA�Read more

Sketch of Rome

Rome pencil sketch

Pencil sketch of Rome. I've been meaning to explore the layout of this city for a long time as one of my favourite university lectures focused on the relationship between the design of the architecture and it's relationship with the buildings surrounding it.

As I've recently been rereading John Fowles' 1965 novel, The Magus, it was interesting to look at an Italian cityscape. The book is largely set on a Greek island and Fowles makes a number of interesting observations about Greece and the Greek people which A�- after several years of living in Greek Cyprus - really stood out for me as being anA�extremely acuteA�assessment ofA�the Greek character and landscape. Cyprus isA�a distinctA�country with aA�unique, idiosyncratic culture, but there is still an enduring Greek influence to be foundA�here, an influence which is a significant part of the more endearing characteristics of the Cypriot people and society.

From the fictional island of Phraxos, The MagusA�briefly moves to Italy and a fascinating comparison drawn between the two countries, a comparison especially interestingA�because of the close historical relationship between these two great ancient empires of the classical world. It's an aspect of the book that has been on my mindA�for a while and so it made this sketch all the more intriguing to work on.

I'm still not entirely sure what my feelings are about this section of the novel, so I may work on a series of drawings of the real life locations in the story to help illustrate my thoughts a little better; as the island of Phraxos is reportedly based on the very real island of Spetses, this should be an enjoyable endeavor at the very least. Whether it will beA�enlightening in any way at all remains to be seen....


This drawing of Cologne was started in 2012 and is still not entirely finished. I took a scan though as I intend to work into some sections a little and wanted to retain a copy with slightly less detail:


Global Skyline


I recently completed a website header for the Diplopundit blogA�which required landmarks from various cities around the world (my favourite kind of project). I've added a few of my rough sketches below, showing some of the architecture I drew:

Capitol Washington

Tower Bridge London

Bank of China

Eiffel Tower

Newcastle Upon Tyne

panorama newcastle 2

This panoramic drawing of Newcastle Upon Tyne was created several years ago for an event invitation. I stumbled across it recently and thought itA�might make an interesting comparison to more recent pieces.

Every city has their good points and I remember Newcastle Upon Tyne as being a vibrant and interesting place so it was nice to work on a piece that explored the intriguing features of the city a little.

London City Drawing

Line drawing of London created as part of a project pitch earlier in the week. I quite like this view as St' Paul's was the only major landmark in area so the intriguing rooftops in the city became more of a focal point than usual. Too often they are swallowed up a bit by the dominantA�towers in the city.london2

Singapore Panoramic Sketch

I first drew Singapore back in 2012 when I was initially commissioned by Gatehouse publishing to work on their series of (superb) travel guides. The first guide was focused on Singapore and as I researched the city I was fascinatedA�by what a unique place it was. I planned then to draw a panoramic of it, but it's taken a while to get started. Here's the first sketch:


Line Drawing of Milan

Here's some drawings of Milan I made a couple of years ago. I'd love to tackle this city again sometime. I just can't decide whether to draw an aerial scene or to focus on a more street level viewpoint.

Either way it's a fascinating city. Italy has some beautiful characteristics and it's one of the places I'd particularly love to travel to again. I've visited Florence and Pisa in the past and it was a most enjoyable experience.

milan city 2 milan city drawing 1 milan city drawing bikes abi daker

Illustrated Globescape for OMK Annual Report

This illustrated globescape was commissioned for the OMK Annual ReportA�(see pages 4-5) and was designed to show howA�expansive and diverse the company's business is. The illustration was hand drawn and coloured using photoshop.


Art direction by Emperor Designglobe scape ink

Globescape OMK Annual Report